Pinup Curves Hip Creator Large Size

Pinup Curves Hip Creator Large Size
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    Code: Pinup-Curves-Hip-Creator-Large
    Price: $259.99
    Shipping Weight: 10.00 pounds
    • Have Pin-Up Curves Instantly! Introducing our new Pin-Up Curves! These high quality silicone pads are made especially for men to transform into a curvy gal. Ready to wear with normal underwear, or a simple spray adhesive, these pads have a dedicated left and right side. Soft and supple, with a thin, skin-like finish to seamlessly blend into your hips and thighs. Our LARGE size Pin-Up Curves are the following dimensions: 12.2" X 13.3" wide. They will add 4-5 inches to your hips. This size will offer the ultimate curvy figure which will minimize the waist. Their superb quality will allow them to bend and crease with your every move. Available in Light, Medium or Dark tone to match any skin tone. These pads are made to order, and require 2-3 weeks for delivery. Pictures don't lie. Take a look at how you can also be transformed with Pin-Up Curves!