Vibralite Wig Collection

Is it lazy to not lift a finger and have your hair look drop dead gorgeous? No, it's just one of the many miracles that happens with this techno-miracle: Vibralite. Only Vibralite, the highest quality man-made fiber gives you the natural look and feel of glossy protein rich hair. You can wash your wig and it bounces right back. Don't you love miracles?
VL Enigma
Price: $140.00
VL Trend Setter
Price: $129.00
VL Bewitched
Price: $299.00
VL Freestyle
Price: $165.00
VL Star Quality
Price: $239.00
VL Glitterati
Price: $249.00
VL Play It Straight
Price: $249.00
VL Salon Cool
Price: $325.00
VL Modernista
Price: $275.00
VL Celebrity
Price: $399.00
Price: $245.00