All In One Breast Forms And Bra

All In One Breast Forms And Bra
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    Shipping Weight: 4.00 pounds
    • NATURAL LOOK® All-In-One Bra. This unique product combines the lightweight feel of our great fitting foam forms with the look and fit of a bra. Each bra's soft foam forms mimic the draping shape of women’s natural breasts and are shaped like our TRANSFORM NATURAL LOOK® Silicone Breast Forms. The TRANSFORM NATURAL LOOK® Silicone Breast Forms have a lower nipple apex and the lower half of the form is wider and fuller offering a very natural look. The foam breasts of the TRANSFORM NATURAL LOOK® All-In-One are shaped in the same way and can be a companion item to the silicone forms when weight, coolness or convenience may be an issue. The foam breasts are molded in soft polyurethane foam with a small nipple projection and bonded with a smooth cotton spandex front cover. Wide 3 inch elastic creates the sides and back to stretch around the body for a snug yet comfortable breathable fit. Each bra comes with clear flexible transparent straps that can be worn straight across the shoulders or crisscrossed for added support or straps can be removed and worn strapless if desired. They come in beige only and are washable and reusable.This item is shipped from our partner.Please choose from the following sizes: Small: 32D, 34C, 36B. Medium: 36D, 38C, 40B. Large: 40D, 42C, 44B. Xtra-Large: 44D, 46C, 48B.