Copaiba Calm For Skin, Body and Mind

Copaiba Calm For Skin, Body and Mind
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    • Calm, soothe & rejuvenate! Kiss This Face Copaiba Calm is pure 100% virgin copaiba oil. A balsam scented oleoresin tapped from the South American copaiba tree, this superstar is packed with beta-caryophyllene, which works with your own cannabinoid receptors to release the "happiness hormones". in your skin and body. It's powerful anti-inflammatory & anti-oxidant properties help reduce wrinkles and tame chronic skin conditions like psoriasis, acne, stretch marks & varicose veins. Rub onto temples or use in a diffuser for stress & anxiety. Natural balsam scent. Ecologically and responsibly sourced. Stay calm! Directions For Use: Use 2-5 drops directly on the face and body until absorbed. Internally: use 1-3 drops under the tongue for 30 seconds until absorbed.