Hormone And Mood Balance Combo Kit

Hormone And Mood Balance Combo Kit
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    • Help balance your hormones and your mood with our new combo kit. We have combined two of our best selling products to help increase the estrogen in your body while helping with common issues like anxiety, insomnia, migraines and pain. 

      In our combo kit you will get one of each:

      Ova-Glan feminizing formula 120 capsules. This is our premiere formula we have been offering the trans-woman community for almost 20 years! Full of estrogen boosting glandulars like: ovary, mammary and uterus as well as herbs that will assist in breast enhancement, body fat distribution (butt and hip enhancement), male hair growth, skin softening and an overall more female feeling body. 120 capsules will last 2 months or more.

      Premium Hemp Extract 25 mg capsules (10 capsules). This premium hemp extract will keep you calm, rested and can be used with our feminizing capsules. Full spectrum Hemp extract is rich with phytocannabinoids which are THC free and all natural, so your body can become in balance while you are introducing our glandulars into your body. Use when you are experiencing anxiety, body pain, insomnia or general moodiness (many of us girls do!).