Male To Female Makeup: How To Create The Perfect Eyes

Male To Female Makeup: How To Create The Perfect Eyes
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    • Makeup for men can be tricky business. If you are a female impersonator, then the art of applying makeup is a cake walk. For the average cross-dressing man, however, looking feminine, let alone looking passable can be a challenge. has a makeup department that can supply you with the makeup and instructional videos to help you achieve natural beauty.

      Applying makeup to your eyes is a very important component to the overall male to female transformation. Many men have a fear of eye liner, mascara and eyeshadow They love the idea of creating the perfect eye, but have anxiety about how to do it. Start with your eyebrows. Many men have thicker eyebrows than women and have a hard time concealing and shaping them. Light tweezing or shaving can give you a nice "manscaping", but a very feminine eye requires thinner eyebrows. An effective way to cover your eyebrows is with Eyebrow Modeling Wax. This wax covers your natural male eyebrows and allows you to put concealing makeup over them. Once you have this smooth pallet, you can draw in your own thin eyebrows or use an eyebrow stencil to create dramatic or arched brows.

      Once the eyebrows are concealed and created, you can move on to your eyes. You might start with an eyelid primer, which will make the eyelid smooth and ready for makeup. Use an eyeshadow "trio" which will include a base color, a contouring color and brighter color for right under your eyebrows. This brighter color will make the eyes look larger and "pop". Use all three colors for a dramatic effect. Choose a color pallette that is soft to start. Nothing says "man trying to look like a woman" more than bright blue or neon green eyeshadow. Lavender, brown and light green or blue color family work best.

      Using an eyeliner can be difficult, even for women. Many men use pencil liners rather than liquid as there is less chance of smudging and running. When using a pencil, gently pull the end of the eyelid to straighten out the lid. Apply the pencil with the other hand, working from the inside of the lid to the outside. A new innovation in eyeliner has arrived, the eyeliner sticker. Used like a temporary tattoo, you simply wet the liner, apply it to your lid, and you have a perfect line!

      A good tip for applying mascara if you have shaky or unsteady hands: cut an index card in half. Hold one half of the card under your upper eyelid and brush the mascara on your eyelashes. Then use the card under you lower lashes and brush again. This method will reduce the risk of applying the mascara to your eyelid and under your eye. An inexpensive eyelash curler is a good way to naturally curl the lashes prior to applying mascara.

      If you want to wear false eyelashes to achieve the long, lush lashes of a model, make sure you buy lashes that include glue. Most lashes will not stick on their own. There is a new product made by the Kiss company which makes the lash application almost fool-proof. The Kiss Premium Eyelash Kit has a special string that is built into the eyelashes. The string allows you to perfectly apply the lashes on the upper lid, then it's pulled out and the lashes sit naturally. You can also apply mascara to false eyelashes for a more dramatic night time look. A reputable online store that ships your items discreetly is a must for most men, and you will feel more relaxed and confident when your makeup arrives.

      The key to eye makeup and the cross-dressing man is to Keep It Simple. Use natural colors, apply with a light hand, and know the difference between daytime and night time eyes. For natural daytime light, wear minimal dark colors and apply a thin liner. For night time eyes, you can use darker, more dramatic colors and thicker mascara and liner. After a little practice, you will have the confidence to design the perfect eye!