Super Flat Adjustable Hiding Gaff

Super Flat Adjustable Hiding Gaff
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    Code: Super-Flat-Adjustable-Hiding-Gaff
    Price: $28.00
    Shipping Weight: 1.00 pounds
    XS: 28-30" waist
    Small: 32-34" waist
    Medium: 36-38" waist
    Large: 40-42" waist
    XL: 44"-above
    • New Gaff Style! Do you want to wear bathing suit bottoms and women's panties without worrying about a bulge or a gaff that will show? Our new style, Super Flat, has thinner sides to be concealed under a bikini bottom or store-bought women's panties! Super Flat has a stretchy elastic "flattening strap" that can be tightened and adjusted by attaching it to a button sewn into the inside of the gaff. Simply pull the strap as tight as you want it, and button the elastic to hold everything back in place! Made with our famous triple layer front panel to keep it all down! Available in black or nude in five sizes. A exclusive!