Wig Care And Styling

Wig Care And Styling
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    • Who doesn't love a wig? It's just about the easiest way to transform your look, and become someone else -- or more fully yourself. There's just something undeniably feminine about being able to flip your hair, give a sidelong glance around your locks or twirl a tress around your finger.

      For the cross-dressing man and the female impersonator, wigs are indispensable, and they must look stunning at all times. Of course, with all that moving around, your wig can get sweaty, and even tainted by makeup and product or smoke. Regular care is essential to not only your persona, but to the preservation of the wig itself.

      Once you find the wig that suits you by framing your face, bringing out your coloring and completing your outfit, learn how to take care of it. Among the most important things is that you put it on and take it off properly.

      Start by using a wig cap. This is small nylon head covering that will allow the wig to go on your head easier and keep your scalp from becoming scratchy from the lace lining of the wig. Put your wig on with the tag at the back. Slip it onto your head, ensuring first that the hairlines match up, and gently covering your head from front to back. Make sure it's secure, but not too tight, and adjust as needed. Many wigs come with an elastic band that will clip into the wig to make it tighter on the head.

      Just like your real hair, your synthetic wig needs to be washed, but not too often. A rule of thumb is to wash after every 12 wears, but this of course varies depending on your use and climate. Never put a "smoky" wig into a plastic bag after wearing it, as the smell will permeate the wig fibers just as it would human hair. Air dry the wig after a night out if you do not plan on washing it.

      Begin by gently brushing the wig hair. Using a wide tooth brush or pick will ensure that you do not damage the hair fibers while you detangle it. Immerse the wig in a sink of cold water, to which you've added the recommended amount of wig or mild shampoo. Rather than scrub the hair, softly agitate it in the water, and then thoroughly (but gently) rinse it to ensure all the shampoo is out. Pat the wig dry, never wringing or squeezing. Conditioning spray, as well as some styling with your fingers, can be done at this point.

      Most synthetic wigs do not hold up to heat so you don't want to use a curling iron or hot dryer, but some of our wigs at Cross-Dress.com like the Jackie Wigs or our Laura Wigs are synthetic but made to handle heat so you can curl or style away! For the majority of synthetic wigs, only air dry the wig on something small enough to not stretch it out. If you are able, purchase a wig "head" made of Styrofoam to place the wig onto after wearing or washing. This will keep the hair from matting in a plastic bag.

      When styling your wig, don't use products meant for human hair. Special combs, brushes and mousse are available, and your fingers are also a great tool. For something more intricate, consider bringing your wig to a professional stylist. Wig stylists, and even hair stylists are able to trim your wig if the bangs are too long.

      At Cross-Dress.com, we carry a wide selection of wigs to suit just about every style. Our easy to navigate wig page is organized by length, as well as Henry Margu Premium Wigs which are a high end line of ultra-realistic wigs. Many cross-dressing men say that this line of wigs is the most naturally female wigs they have ever owned.

      For something long and luscious, try a blonde, brunette or red single wig, or opt for a three wig assortment pack for some variety. This is a great way to explore new looks while saying on a budget. Our three pack of regular wigs is only $29.99! With styles both romantic and sassy, you will be ready for every occasion.

      Henry Margu and Wig America feature some fabulous medium-length wigs, and you'll discover endless styles with that are available in many popular colors. Do not be afraid to experiment with wig styles. Whether you like it straight or with a little curl, you'll find just what you're looking for. Think about the shape of your face, and try to accentuate it with a style that is age appropriate. Of course, many gals wear long wigs well into their decades of dressing and that is perfectly fine!

      Be prepared to be flattered and impressed with a synthetic wig from Cross-Dress.com, and you'll turn heads with your feminine tresses!