Heels For Men, Flats To Platforms

Heels For Men, Flats To Platforms
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    • Nothing says femininity like a sexy pair of ladies shoes, but many crossdressing men have a hard time finding shoes that fit well. From choosing the right heels for men to exploring comfortable yet girlish footwear, the first step for any crossdresser is opening the door to the secret delights of foot adornment. If you are interested in learning about high heels, platforms or even flats, you've come to the right place. Cross-Dress.com is your best source for products and information about the transgender and crossdressing lifestyle. And our heels for men are categorized into easy-to-understand sizes and beautiful styles to fit every taste and budget.

      First, a Little Background

      Men wearing heels goes back to some of the earliest eras of recorded history. A depiction on a 9th century ceramic bowl indicates the practice of wearing heels was common among men. It's also believed that early Middle Eastern horse warriors wore high-heeled shoes, presumably to help with stability while a-horse. During the reign of King Louis XIV, it wasn’t at all unusual to spot a wealthy, high-status man sporting high heels, but the only people - male or female - allowed to wear red high heels were the individuals who took part in the king’s court. Throughout the Renaissance, flashy King Louis XV and other high born men often sported high heels along with their female counterparts. In more modern times, masculine versions of high-heeled footwear might be seen on cowboys, 1960s era rock stars and male disco lovers of the 1970s among others.

      Big Feet? No Problem!

      Believe it or not, many ladies have large feet, too. They share your pain over finding the right shoe size but contemporary challenges come with contemporary solutions. This means it's now possible for both genders to find sexy shoes that actually fit their feet, taking them from flats to platforms in style and comfort. While you can certainly find large-sized ladies shoes in today’s modern environment, you may ultimately choose to purchase heels for men custom made for transgender lifestyles. From four inch stiletto heels to modest little pumps, there's something for everyone no matter your gender. Let's take a look at some of the popular shoes and boots available from Cross-Dress.com in both male and female sizes, including the web's only Custom Made Womens Shoes For Men!

      Dolly Chunky Heel Platform Shoe | For those who lust over a particular style and don't mind adjusting their shoe size, these fun, chunky platforms in ladies sizes may fit the bill. Because these are made in a woman’s shoe size, just add a couple of sizes to your original shoe size or take careful measurements before ordering. Available in red, black and pink up to female size 15 or male size 13.

      Kandi Thigh High Boots for Men | When you zip these faux leather beauties up the length of your leg, you'll feel sexy, girlish and naughty all at the same time. Already sized for men, take the guesswork out of the equation and order with total confidence. Available in black or silver up to a male size 14.

      Flat Mary Janes | For more conservative events, you can still get your sexy on with these adorable Mary Janes in black, pink or white. The short heel keeps you comfortable for hours while the sweet lace accents ensure you always look and feel womanly. Because they are made on a mans shoe bottom, there is no need to convert your shoe size. If you are a size 12, order a size 12. It’s as easy as that!

      Custom-Made Shoes | Cross-Dress.com is proud to be the web's premier custom-made shoe service catering to crossdressers, transgenders and hard-to-size ladies. Best of all, there's no need to convert your current shoe size; just list your male size when ordering and you'll get a perfect fit.