Skirts For Men, How To Pick The Right Style

Skirts For Men, How To Pick The Right Style
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    • Nothing is more flirty - or more feminine - than a skirt. You can build an entire outfit around a great one and enhance a perky walk with a little bump of the hips. Such a wonderful piece of clothing! Here at Cross-Dress we design and manufacture our skirts here in the USA in measurements to fit a man, which makes your male to female transformation easy and fun!

      For a man, finding a good skirt can be daunting, as many "off the rack" skirts are made to fit female waists, hips, thighs and legs. And even if you find a good match width-wise, it might be a tad short. So just how does a cross dressing man go about selecting a skirt? First, make sure you measure the area where you want the waistband to fit. This can be your actual waist, or as many women choose, around the hips. Use a tape measure to get and be accurate by holding the tape comfortably around the waist or hips. Use this as your skirt size. At Cross-Dress, we make skirts in waist sizes so men won't have to guess at their skirt size.

      The most important thing, first and foremost, is to flatter your figure. To achieve a more feminine look, one wants to widen the hips and upper thighs, yet narrow the waist. Of course, this all depends on your particular body type. If you already have some hips, you may have more luck with women's skirts in general, as long as you shop sizes large enough for your physique. If you were not blessed with wide, womanly hips, Cross-Dress offers a variety of foundations and padded garments to enhance and embellish the male silhouette.

      If, like many men, your hips are narrow in comparison with your upper body, seek out styles that draw attention to your hips while making the waist and knees look smaller. As an extreme example, consider a mini skirt with a black (slimming) waist band then a cascade of brightly colored ruffles that taper in toward the knee. An a-line style skirt can also give the illusion of wider hips because of its flared bottom. We offer both mini and a-line skirts in a variety of colors, patterns and sizes up to a 44" waist.

      Pencil skirts are great for making those hips and knees look diminutive. With a dramatic taper beneath the thighs, this style is sleek and sassy but also appropriate for work or play. For a more playful fantasy look, a plaid "schoolgirl" style skirt works well. Matched with a tie-top, you can have a sexy costume or fetish outfit.

      For something light and cute, look for mini skirts that flare just below the hips, or garments made of a loose material that flares around the knees. This second variety will be less about emphasizing the hips and more about delicate, fun movement as you walk. It can also create a classic, more modest feminine look.

      Here at Cross-Dress, we offer a wide range of skirts designed specifically for men. We've got something for every taste and for every occasion. Most skirts are made with stretchy waistbands and there are no zippers or hooks to grapple with. While our selection works for most measurements, we can customize your order upon request.

      Get in touch today and start loving your skirts!