Gaff With Genital Hiding Tube New Colors

Gaff With Genital Hiding Tube New Colors
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    Code: Gaff-With-Genital-Hiding-Tube-New-Colors
    Price: $37.00
    Shipping Weight: 1.00 pounds
    XS: 28-30" waist
    Small: 32-34" waist
    Medium: 36-38" waist
    Large: 40-42" waist
    XL: 44"-above
    • FOUR NEW COLORS AVAILABLE! Red, Rainbow, Brown & Turquoise. We now offer a gaff with a built-in fabric tube to conceal and flatten the male bulge! Simply insert the genitals into the tube, secure the tube with the built-in drawstring, then pull the tube towards your rear. The Brazilian-cut gaff will fit snugly and keep everything flat and smooth! Five sizes available to fit almost every figure. Hide and conceal your "boys" with this revolutionary gaff! This gaff is WHITE.