Noogleberry Nipple Enlargement Pump

Noogleberry Nipple Enlargement Pump
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    Code: Nipple-Enlargement-Pump
    Price: $120.00
    Shipping Weight: 3.00 pounds
    • Why It Works: Like any tissue in the body, when it is exercised and blood flow is encouraged, it will enlarge. This vacuum system uses this principle on the nipples and can also be used to arouse the nipple area and also to help correct inverted nipples. How it Works: A cup is placed over the nipple area, and the pump is gently pressed. This creates a vacuum therefore causing it to expand right before your eyes. The Cups: The Noogleberry Nipple Cups are designed to enlarge the areolar region and the nipple depending on the size of the nipple. The internal diameter measures 29mm and the internal height measures 60mm.