Breast Forms for Men: How to Have a Natural Looking Chest

Breast Forms for Men: How to Have a Natural Looking Chest
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    • Creating an appropriately feminine body shape is one of the most important aspects of crossdressing. Since most men have flat chests that refuse to fill out their garments, they often choose to pad their bras, but using breast forms for men may offer a more satisfying and comfortable solution. While padded bras can temporarily enhance femininity for a crossdresser, they can be difficult to manage and are prone to shifting, which immediately destroys the illusion these men seek to create. An unruly padded or stuffed bra also takes away from the pleasure and sense of belonging that cross dressing and transgender individuals feel when they wear women's clothing.

      How Breast Forms for Men Enhance Femininity

      The right breast forms allow men to wear female clothes comfortably while allowing them to feel more womanly. While some opt to go natural, it's important to note that most female clothes fit better with breast forms in place. There is also the matter of what looks more flattering, and in most cases, breast shaping looks prettier than no shaping at all.

      If you want to add breast forms to your crossdresser wardrobe, it's important to research all options before making a purchase. Things to consider include: muscle tone, weight, height and body shape. Breast forms come in all shapes and sizes, ensuring every man will find a style that compliments his appearance. Check out a few examples:

      • Realistic Adhesive Breasts | The ultimate in crossdressing, these silicone breasts adhere to the skin and feature a realistic look and feel.
      • Teardrop Shaped Forms | Affordable and effective, this breast form fits neatly into bras and will create a more girlish figure.
      • Foam Enhancer Cups | Perfect for beginners, these cups are super affordable and can be used with or without silicone forms.
      • Cleavage Enhancers | These liquid-filled push-up pads create fuller, more natural-looking cleavage.

      Additional Breast Enhancement Options

      Those who desire a more permanent alternative to breast forms for men, can choose from an array of products specially developed to increase the bust naturally. Transgenders in particular are eager for safe and long-lasting ways to improve their bust sizes and often choose options like these:

      Find Your Style

      When it comes to wearing female apparel, only you can determine what makes you feel most womanly and most comfortable. By starting small and expanding your apparel with forms and other figure aids, you'll discover an exciting new aspect to today’s modern cross dresser.